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Rolex Daytona White Gold 40mm Slate Arabic Dial

Rolex White Gold Daytona
Rolex White Gold Daytona 40mm

In 1965, the Rolex Daytona, which was named after the world capital of speed, brought on a new exotic style that introduced a distinctive dial to Rolex enthusiasts. Unlike other watches like Hublot, the Rolex Daytona has kept its classic style over the past five decades. Although the movement of the watch improves each year, when buying a Daytona, you can always depend on its consistency and its iconic look that is effortlessly recognized worldwide.

Last week, I took in a Rolex White Gold Daytona on trade, which was originally purchased new in December of 2014. Its 40mm case fits perfectly on a wide variety of wrists for both men and women. Although it has a versatile body, its ideal companion would be about a 6 to 7 and a half-inch wrist. The absence of the date window on this Daytona and the iconic magnifier that looms over it, also known as the Cyclops, gives the dial a cleaner and less cluttered look. Without the Cyclopes, the dial allows the watch to be used solely for what it’s made for; reading time. I always say that if you own a Daytona you don’t need to know the date.

Rubber B The Red Devil Strap
Rubber B The Jet Black Couture Strap

If a man were to acquire only one luxury watch in his entire lifetime, it should be a Rolex Daytona. Its versatility goes beyond other luxury timepieces, being the perfect piece to pair with flip-flops one day and dress shoes the next. It will also fit under most French cuffs and sleeves without giving you any unnecessary issues.

Hand Made Charcoal Grau Custom Alligator With Red Stitching and Rubber Lining Strap

All luxury watches should be made with precious metals to signify their value and adoration, which this Daytona does. It’s made with 18K solid white gold. I love the slate white gold dial with Arabic numerals, but what highlight the Daytona perfectly are the red accents within the subdials. Also, the Arabic dial is not available in stainless steel, making it exclusive to white gold. It’s also produced in very small quantities, so although the demand for the white gold Arabic dial is high, the production of     this beautiful watch is low, making it rare.

You have the option to wear this watch with a strap or a bracelet. In this case, the Daytona is on a strap, but personally I like it best that way because I find it allows me to wear it with different looks. Above, I have changed up the straps and photographed them so that you can see the way the Daytona refashions itself to what works best for you and your style.

What’s incredible about this Daytona is that it’s Previously Enjoyed, which means that, although it may be a unique and extravagant piece, you can purchase it for under $17,000!

Patek Philippe 5270g-001 Complications Chronograph Perpetual


One of my personal favorites and truly my dream watch. The opportunity has finally come and I think I will be keeping it. We originally sold this watch new in April of 2014, well after Pateks introduction of the 5270g-001 in 2011. Patek Philippe introduced this masterpiece as their first chronograph perpetual with their fully designed and produced in-house movement. All her predecessors housed the Lemania. It was time Patek released their own and this is what did. The case size, dial clarity, coloring, simplicity and comfort of wear makes this truly a watch to wear often.

Its amazing how many times a day I gaze at the 5270g, not to tell time but appreciate all that has gone into bringing imagination to life. Here’s a little overview of what this masterpiece does and how to read the functions properly. Sub-dial at the nine o’clock position is the second hand for the watch. The Sub-dial at the  three o’clock position is the minute counter for the chronograph. The two windows at the top display the day and month. The little round window between the four and five o’clock indicates which year after leap year we are in, keeping in mind leap year happens every four years. The last little sub-dial between the seven and eight o’clock indicates day and night, white indicating day and blue indicating night, thus helping the user with two key points.

Setting calenders on mechanical watches are tricky and if set between the wrong hours of the day will damage the watch. for example the Patek 5270g-001 should never be set between the hours of 8pm through 2AM. What happens is at 8PM the gears in movement will engage the calender to start the transition which will take it through to the following day and release from 2AM on. Well that little window will help you with determining if you are in the AM or PM part of the day eliminating the process of rotating the hour hand past the 12 o’clock to determine which part of the day you are in.

Also by knowing if its AM or PM will obviously help you with setting the time for the right half of the day and thus the your date will set correctly at 12AM. One more thing I forgot to add, the moon dial! Setting the moon dial will keep track of the positioning of the moon to the earth daily as long as the watch is consistently operating daily.

Patek 5270g-001 complications chronograph perpetual
Patek 5270g-001 complications chronograph perpetual

IMAGE-03-PATEKThe introduction of the 2014 updated dial for the 5270g-013 & blue dial 014 are gorgeous buy after comparing the two they look to cluttered. The picture bellow of the 5270g-013 shows that they have added the tachometer track which helps one determine speed and distance conversion.

2014 Patek Philippe Perpetual Chrono
2014 Patek Philippe Perpetual Chronofffd

Price tags on these lovelies sticker for just shy of $180K my 5270g-001 realistically will fetch $135K if it were to go to market. This is a must have for the portfolio!



Rolex Daytona in Stainless Steel, Rose, Yellow and White Gold! What would you choose?

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We wanted to post some of the Rolex Daytona Watches we have at Beverly Hills Watch Company.  Nothing like a watch store with plenty of Daytona’s on Hand!