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One of my personal favorites, the IWC Portugieser 7 day reserve with the sunburst blue dial. This watch recently went through a movement and case redesign which made a world of a difference. The case is more refined and sleek, the curved alligator strap between the case lugs and the most attractive sunburst blue dial. The watch comes equipped on its top and bottom side with a sapphire scratch resistant crystal that is anti-reflective giving this watch a clear and unaltered view of its dial and movement.

The watch has a large yet comfortable diameter that fits nicely onto my 6 ½ inch wrist without needing a shorter strap. The engine for this watch has 257 components and is powered by its Pellaton auto-wind mechanism with a storage of 168 hours (7 days of reserve).

Here’s what’s on the dial: Rodium plated easy to read large Arabic numerals, large date window with a white back ground and power reserve indicator (like the fuel tank indicator in your car)

All positive feedback on this piece. What makes it even more attractive is the watch retails for $12,700 new and a great buy at $8,500 at Previously Enjoyed


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Attraction is the invitation to the relationship and so paired up nicely with my Swiss-German counterpart IWC, this limited edition Montblanc pen which was made in honor and memory of one of the most captivating women of the 20th century. The pen was a stylized reflection of Dietrich’s silhouette in her legendary trouser suit, while the clip, embellished with a sapphire, symbolizes the distinctive tie worn by the “Blue Angel”.

Even the heart-shaped hole cut into the rhodium-plated 18 K gold nib is reminiscent of Dietrich’s famous film character “head over heels” in love.

Ink to paper is a diminishing daily function where we type our thoughts and ideas onto a keyboard or phone. The best ideas were born on paper!



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Designing a watch is difficult enough but designing a skeletonized dial is even more challenging. The engines of these wrist machines have generally been very ugly or rough looking up until the last ten years where the manufacturers upped their game and started to design the aesthetics of these calibers creating even more of a challenge to their competitors and calling for the attention of the buyer.

Hublot has done not only an exemplary job at showing off their guts but have gone above and beyond with manufacturing an in-house caliber that is the ultra-thin (caliber HUB1300 is 2.90 mm) the thickness of about two stacked credit cards. All 123 components for this engine once fully wound will stay powered for approximately 90 days.

The case for this watch is 45mm in diameter which sounds large but rests comfortably on my 6 ½ wrists. This is in part to the well-designed folding clasp which is very easy to adjust and maneuver, the best in the industry in my opinion. Water resistant to 50 meters / 165 feet which is ideal incase you get pushed into the Mediterranean. The “King Gold” is Hublot’s version of the modern day rose gold which is a proprietary mix of alloys in the preparation of the rose gold to keep its rosy hue from the effects of oxidization.