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Designing a watch is difficult enough but designing a skeletonized dial is even more challenging. The engines of these wrist machines have generally been very ugly or rough looking up until the last ten years where the manufacturers upped their game and started to design the aesthetics of these calibers creating even more of a challenge to their competitors and calling for the attention of the buyer.

Hublot has done not only an exemplary job at showing off their guts but have gone above and beyond with manufacturing an in-house caliber that is the ultra-thin (caliber HUB1300 is 2.90 mm) the thickness of about two stacked credit cards. All 123 components for this engine once fully wound will stay powered for approximately 90 days.

The case for this watch is 45mm in diameter which sounds large but rests comfortably on my 6 ½ wrists. This is in part to the well-designed folding clasp which is very easy to adjust and maneuver, the best in the industry in my opinion. Water resistant to 50 meters / 165 feet which is ideal incase you get pushed into the Mediterranean. The “King Gold” is Hublot’s version of the modern day rose gold which is a proprietary mix of alloys in the preparation of the rose gold to keep its rosy hue from the effects of oxidization.


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Attraction is the invitation to the relationship and so has been mine with this IWC Mark XVIII watch (18) Though I do have a flashy side I do have a few very understated watches in my portfolio which tell a different story about me.

What attracts me to the watch is simplicity which tells a story. A watch designed for the aviator in us all, this pilots watch has all those features. The matted black dial sets a great back ground to the vintage looking numerals with the modern day Super-LumiNove lume. The hands are boxy and have an amazing patina in color to tell the story of this limited edition of 1948 pieces inspired by the Mark XI (11) first produced in 1948.

The brushed steel 40mm case is an ideal size and carries the engine recently introduced by IWC know as the caliber 35111. The sapphire crystal which is secured such to prevent from any damage that may occur from a dramatic change in air pressure which you may experience as a pilot or bungie jumping. The crystal also has the anti-reflective coating applied to both top and bottom sides eliminating any possibility of glare or reflection and providing a very clear view to the dial. The case is antimagnetic which is ideal to protect itself from modern day electronic fields that exist around us.

Last but not least the IWC version on the nylon mesh strap “NATO” the perfect finishing touch for this watch and my wrist!! Great value, style and fit.